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About Sly Electronics

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Sly Electronics has been in the consumer electronics industry for over a decade now.

This company was founded by a group of product developers with a love for electronics and technology.

Sly is founded on the premise of providing customers with quality products at affordable prices. We do not promise to have the most technologically advanced items on the market. What we do promise is to provide the most bang for your buck by giving you the basics and then some.

Our Specialty has and always will be MP3 and MP4 Players.

These products have become integral parts of the American lifestyle - take it to the gym, on trips, connect it to your vehicle or in any other situation.

There should never again be a dull moment in life. All of our MP3 and MP4 players are manufactured to the strictest standards and are all Rohs and FCC Compliant.

They are developed in the same factories that make for the largest brands in the world. We use the same chips and PC boards in our units as do the major brands. The only difference is price. We hope you enjoy our products and we thank you for getting to know Sly Electronics.

Technical Support

For Technical Support, please email us:


Please make sure to include on your email the following:

  • model number
  • brief description of the problem
  • place & date of purchase

Please email us before calling as this information is essential to us in order for us to give you the service you deserve.