Support Services


1. How do I Charge my MP3 Player?

You can charge your MP3 using the supplied USB Cable through your Computer. The initial charge takes 4hrs and the succeding charge at least 2hrs.

2. How do I transfer music to my MP3 Player?.

Connect you MP3 Player to your computer, wait until you computer recognize the MP3 player as flash drive, then you can start copying music from your computer to your MP3 player, it works like a flash drive just copy and paste.

3. How do I unlock SLV202 and SLV204?

Hold the Middle Button for 7 seconds. You can also change the settings so the device will not automatically lock: Just Go To Setup then scroll down to Hold Time.

Technical Support

For Technical Support, please email us:

Please make sure to include on your email the following:

  • model number
  • brief description of the problem
  • place & date of purchase

Please email us before calling as this information is essential to us in order for us to give you the service you deserve.

Product Warranty

All Sly Electronics products come with a 90 Days / 1 Year limited manufacturer warranty.

We warranty that should the product have any defect, under normal usage, such defect(s) will be covered by the warranty.
You will need to send back the product to Sly Electronics for repair/replacement within 90 days since purchasing. This warranty only covers defects caused during normal use.

Water damage automatically voids the warranty. Proof of purchase is required.
Sly Electronics will first need to briefly troubleshoot the item before issuing a Return Authorization.
Our units are also covered by a 12 month parts warranty should any chip be damaged under normal wear,
Sly Electronics will replace/repair such part(s). Labor charges do apply after the first 90 days.

Sly Electronics is never responsible for more than the purchase price of an item.